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Cineam region is in the east of Tasikmalaya Regency. Neolithic sites were found on sites containing remnants of artifacts as traces of workshop activity such as a collection of pickaxe. Artifacts of remnants of pickaxe workshops where among others are pickaxes, half pieces, chips and flakes. Neolithic sites are scattered in this case consisting of six different dimensions. The purpose of this paper is to find out the pattern of placement and the underlying factors. Knowledge of placement patterns is expected to provide clues about patterns of human behavior in utilizing space (the natural environment) for their activities. The method used is qualitative and quantitative methods. The aim is to determine the qualitative and quantitative placement patterns for the analysis of basic factors. Analysis was carried out using environmental analysis. Alternative placement on neolithic sites in Chinese territory uses river flow patterns. Humans as neolithic site placement play an important basis for human activity which also takes into account the potential based on appropriate environmental conditions such as altitude, slope, fertility, and the availability of water and raw materials provided by the river. Keywords: pattern, placement, neolithic site, environment.
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